Kenneth Demsky PhD

Counselling on Transgender Issues

ndividuals wishing to explore gender transition can experience the process from beginning to end privately within the American model. Transition is viewed as more an expression of self-care than merely a sequence of physical changes.  It is a process of discovery and exploration, with the goal of fully becoming yourself. Other services relevant to transition--hormones, surgery, voice, for instance--are provided by referral to specialists as needed.   Preparation for living in a new gender proceeds in a highly individualised fashion that acknowledges established guidelines without losing sight of the ultimate goal of self-development. Letters of support for hormones and surgery can be provided.

In addition, supportive and knowledgeable counselling with reference to one's relationships and dealing with the work setting is available.  Significant Others dealing with these issues are also most welcome.

A gender specialist since 1992, Kenneth Demsky is a former postdoctoral fellow of the Program in Human Sexuality of the University of Minnesota Medical School, a founding member of the Transgender Task Force of Fenway Community Medical Center (Boston, Massachusetts), a full member of the World Professional Association for Trans Health, a former trustee of Gender Trust and a member of the board of The Beaumont Trust. He has been quoted as an expert on transgenderism in the New York Times and has lectured on the subject in America, the UK and Europe.

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