Kenneth Demsky PhD

Individual Psychotherapy / Counselling

Individual Psychotherapy
dults and older adolescents who feel personally unfulfilled to some degree—either in terms of self-esteem or the quality of their intimate relationships--may find themselves unable to make meaningful changes on their own. Often the difficulty lies in unresolved issues from the past or unconscious internal conflicts that need therapeutic attention of a sustained and intensive nature.

Kenneth Demsky uses a cognitive-Gestalt approach to facilitating personal change, working with one's thoughts and emotions in the present moment to achieve positive changes. The desired outcomes—a better sense of oneself and deeper, more satisfying relationships—emerge gradually as an interaction between the experience of each session and experiments in real life.

Individual Counselling
t times of crisis or near-crisis, or in moments of feeling stuck, it can be helpful to have objective input from a neutral party, someone who is outside your life. A counsellor can listen to your story and respond with candor and insight, giving you stimulating feedback and a fresh perspective.

Normal modern life challenges us all, yet most of us have little access to traditional sources of support and advice. In the absence of extended family members, spouses or clergy, individual counselling can supply necessary guidance and direction.

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