Kenneth Demsky PhD

Video Counselling for International Clients

s more people live global lives, connecting by video-chat (ie, FaceTime or SKYPE) has become commonplace. Although face-to-face psychotherpay is still the standard, I am glad to offer a more convenient alternative for people living outside the UK who are interested in having counselling or psychotherapy in any of my areas of expertise.

The referral process is simple. Initial contact is made by telephone or e-mail. After a brief exchange, we can make arrangements for a video meeting. A standard appointment lasts 45 minutes. Payment is requested in advance via Electronic Transfer of Funds.

From outside the UK, my office number is +44 20 7435 6116. My e-mail address is

I look forward to hearing from you.

To ask  for information or to arrange an appointment,
please call Kenneth Demsky, PhD
on 020 7435 6116
or send an e-mail to