Kenneth Demsky PhD

Couples Counselling

t's not easy to maintain a supportive and loving relationship amidst the demands of modern living. Whether it's money matters, childrearing or household responsibilities, today's couple is subjected to intense circumstantial pressure. Whilst it's terribly sad, it's not surprising that almost half of all the couples who marry today will eventually be divorced. That's a heartbreaking and expensive scenario which has been proven to affect children negatively.

For all the variety of issues over which couples may fight, there is a single set of skills which can empower them to reach out to one another across the problems. By acquiring and using this skill set, they greatly increase the odds of remaining a happy and intact pair. It's only by learning how to communicate effectively that two committed partners become a vibrant, loving and long-lasting team.

Adequate communication is not being soft-spoken or lovey-dovey or politically correct. It's learning how to contribute your 50% to the discussion, including both negative and positive feelings, as well as how to interpret what your partner is saying to you.

In couples counselling you will, for example:

  • discover your personality type and that of your partner so you can understand and make use of the differences.
  • learn the differences amongst passive, aggressive and assertive communication styles.
  • develop ways of having healthy arguments that lead to greater intimacy rather than less.
  • find out the most common types of misperceptions that create difficulties between couples.
By using interventions based on systems theory, cognitive and behavioural and psychoeducational methods, you can be coached into having a mutually respectful level of communication that allows you and your partner to work through difficulties and gain new strengths.

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